A lamentation on the tyranny of time


Part I

Me and the Sloth


Me and the sloth 

Cut from the same cloth

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss

Well, I’m slower than rock 

Give my green hair a toss


If the bible says to be slothful is sin

Then why’d the lord give me a permanent grin? 

If the tortoise and hare taught me anything 

It’s gotta be lentement for the win 


So I take my time 

Move one toe down the line 

Steady as she goes



Part II


Welcome to Slothloríen 

Father time better learn his place 

I draw clear lines around my space 

Slow your roll, man 

Get in step with my pace


I’ll be spinning the earth in reverse on its axis 

Convincing the hour hand to start spinning backwards 

Silence a scream 

Now I live free 

Release your numbered grip on me 


I listen only to the metronome 

The truest compass, guiding me home 

Its pendulum will be my guide 

With the sun, the moon and the rising tide


I feel your heart beat along with mine 

It’s in the air, we’ll read the signs

From my secret branch 

Watch you weave through the trees 

Love come to me when the time is right 

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